It’s property tax time and that’s always a good time to highlight efforts at government streamlining.

My tax bill hit home about a week ago. I took a deep breath, braced myself and opened it. It wasn’t as bad as I feared, up a couple hundred dollars over the prior year. But year after year, that adds up, doesn’t it?

And here’s the other thing that worries me: the numbers of governments and funds. I’m paying for 16 different government funds. I’ll bet plenty of you are paying for more than that. Take a look. Count them up before you pay.

The good news is there are legislative proposals that encourage streamlining and consolidation now awaiting the governor’s action. Let’s look at a few.

Senate Bill 2543 encourages dissolution or consolidation of mosquito abatement districts. The mosquitoes this summer are the worst I can recall in years and, unless I’ve missed it, I haven’t heard the abatement trucks slow-rolling down my street, spraying to stop them.

The bill to encourage streamlining was sponsored by state Sen. Tom Cullerton, a Villa Park Democrat, and state Rep. David Olsen, a Downers Grove Republican. It would allow a majority of mosquito abatement district trustees to vote to fold its functions into a neighboring township, municipality or county.