Legislators need to lead by example in order to turn Illinois around. That’s why Tom refused a pension. He also voted to cut his own pay, ban politicians from taking multiple taxpayer-funded pensions, and end free lifetime healthcare for legislators.


Part of the reason that Springfield is in political gridlock is because we let legislative leaders hold onto power for an unlimited time. That’s why Tom supports term limits for House and Senate leaders in Springfield, so no one can have unlimited power to block real change and reform.


Putting an independent commission in charge of updating our legislative maps will create more competitive elections, give voters more choices, and hold public servants accountable to their constituents. By creating more politically diverse constituencies in Illinois we’ll have more legislators working towards compromise, bipartisanship, and good governance.


Tom has led the way in cracking down on pension abuse, dissolving wasteful units of government, and increasing transparency in government spending. Tom strives to not only use good governance to freeze property taxes but to take it one step further by lowering taxes on working families and putting money back in the pockets of working Illinoisans.


Tom has consistently voted to increase funding for our public schools, and is fighting to make college more affordable for Illinois families. He also is leading the fight against the heroin epidemic affecting young people in DuPage county, and sponsored a critical prevention and treatment legislation.


As a veteran, Tom understands the importance of supporting those who served. He sponsored legislation that set up a Suicide Prevention Task-Force for veterans and streamlined assistance processes for disabled veterans.