How to win at video poker casino game

How to win at video poker

Those, who play card games for real money and finally come to internet casino slots, often ask: “How to win at video poker?” The risk to lose always exists, but don’t worry: you have options to minimize it. Naturally, it cannot go to zero, but you can ensure that the casino has a 0.541% advantage. Although winning at video poker machines often depends on luck, some strategies and tricks will be never “extra” .

How to win at video poker often

Video poker is a “collaboration” of poker and a classic slot. Playing it, you’ll bet, raise, even bluff. Meanwhile, those, who know how to play video poker and win big money, recommend to wait for Royal Flush. Here, this unique combination appears more often.

Many different varieties of this game exist. Each option is unique, but the goal here is the same for everyone — to score as many points as possible with your hand. Therefore, you must:

  • Choose the cards you want to exchange. With a really bad hand, you can exchange, 4 or 5. With a good hand, you can exchange 1 or 2 cards.
  • Stick to a specific strategy. Having a desire to understand how to win at video poker and play with a strategy based on calculations of probability, the odds of winning are much higher than when you play just by feeling.

The chosen strategy depends on the game version. For example, the perfect Jacks or Better and the Aces & Faces strategies are different.

Play Jacks or Better and win

Beginners that are interested in how to win at video poker should better start with Jacks or Better. This is a very simple poker slot variant of Texas Hold’em. The main game moments to remember are:

  • There are no Wild cards here.
  • The high card doesn’t matter here. 2 Jacks begin the “list” of the meaningful hands.
  • You can with a minimum of one and a maximum of 25 hands.

If you immediately have a winning hand, the online casino will automatically hold it for you.

Examples of the Jacks or Better strategies

Here are some variants of strategies which will help fellows curious about how to win at video poker:

  1. Your hand consists of a high card and a pair of low-value this case, the best choice is to keep the high card and replace the other 4 cards in the hope of getting a pair of high cards. The probability of this outcome is greater than the probability of a double pair or Three of a Kind.
  2. Your hand contains 3 different high cards. The best option is to keep 3 of these cards and replace the other 3. This gives you a better chance of eventually getting a winning pair.
  3. Your hand consists of 2 Aces and 3 cards of the same suit as one of the 2 Aces. In this case, you can either play the warning card and keep your pair of Aces or sacrifice an Ace hoping to get a Flush, a combination that offers a much better payout.

Many more variants can arise. Just train and you will succeed in this game.

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